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Meet the Team

Welcome to the PANDEN pack!

Learn more about our team family, our values, and the

people that will be hard at work completing your basement finishing, home remodeling, or ADU project with you.

How Do Our Clients

Save Money?

Most contractors use what's called a Cost-Plus contract. This is good for businesses because it guarantees their profit margins, since any unforeseen or extra costs get passed on to the customers, even if they aren't aware.

This is right for you if you are very concerned with how much money your contractor is making, but is less advantageous for anyone that wants to pay less for high-quality work.

That's where PANDEN Construction comes in.

Unlike most contractors, PANDEN Construction uses what's called a Lump Sum contract, which locks in your cost at a preset price and prevents most unforeseen costs from being passed on to you.

This planning allows for us to streamline your project to finish it faster than average, and allows for you to relax without approving every detail or finish.

We are less concerned about profit margins, and more so about giving you the best product and experience at the best price.

Ask about financing options to see if you qualify.


Our Process

To keep things as smooth and simple as possible for you, we have

a few steps to help us plan and prepare together.

Initial Consultation

We go through your project site to understand your wants details

of the project.

Estimate & Design

We can then provide an accurate design and estimate for you.


Once the final design and budget are in place, we can begin construction.

Quickly Get Your
Project Bid

Get your bid back accurately and quickly within 24-48 hours of the site walkthrough!

Our process takes only 2 days to begin framing!

  1. Initial Consultation - The design process begins with an initial consultation with our team and a walkthrough of your project site.

  2. Estimate & Design - Once we have an understanding of your project's unique needs and scope, we can provide an estimate.

  3. Construction - Once the final design and budget for your project are completed, we move to the construction phase.

Fill out the form to set up a free in-home consultation. Let us know the best way to reach you, along with the details of your project so we can better prepare for your bid.

Ask about financing options to see if you qualify.

Service Areas:

Utah County, Salt Lake County, Davis County, Weber County, Heber City, and Park City

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